Ezra Gould - USA

Coming to Israel for my MA was certainly not an easy choice.  There were many universities around the world that I considered but in the end I chose Israel.  I was sincerely nervous about studying in the Middle East.  What would my classes be like?  What would my classmates be like?  Would I get by not knowing Hebrew?  What about the daily violence I saw on the news back home?  All these thoughts made me question my decision but I went anyway. 

What I found was the most stimulating and rewarding experience I could have hoped for.  My classes were very interesting and challenging though they were taught very differently than what I expected.  My classmates were wonderful and I can safely say I have forged friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.  Not knowing Hebrew was never an issue, I quickly found that most everyone spoke English and those that didn’t still found a way to communicate with me.   Finally, I realized that Israel was far safer than my hometown of Seattle.

Now, I am employed as an intelligence analyst for an international contractor doing exactly what I hoped and studied for.  I love the work I am doing and it wouldn’t be a reality without my time in Israel and my resulting degree.  If I had to recommend this program I would not hesitate but I would caution to go in with an open mind.  It will be nothing like you expect and more than you will hope for.



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