Prof. Tamar Meisels


Ph.D., Oxford University, Politics, 2001
Room Number: 503
Tel. 972-3--6202766
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Research Interests

Nationalism and Territorial Rights, Terrorism, Just War Theory





o    Tamar Meisels, Territorial Rights, Springer Academic Publishers, Law and Philosophy Series (December 2005). Second Edition, 2009.

o    Tamar Meisels, The Trouble with Terror (Cambridge University Press, 2008).



o    Tamar Meisels, “A Land Without a People – An Evaluation of Nations` Efficiency based territorial claims”, Political Studies, Vol. 50 (5), December 2002, pp. 959-973.

o    Tamar Meisels, “Can Corrective Justice Ground Claims to Territory?”, The Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 11, No. (1), March 2003, 65-88.

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o    Tamar Meisels, “The Trouble With Terror – The Apologetics of Terrorism: a Refutation” in The Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence, Vol. 18, 2006, 465-483.

o    Tamar Meisels, “Combatants – Lawful and Unlawful”, Law And Philosophy, January 2007, Vol. 26. 31-65.

o    Tamar Meisels, “Torture and the Problem of Dirty Hands”, The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence Vol. XXI No. 1, January 2008.

o    Tamar Meisels, Policy paper on: “Torture and The problem of Dirty Hands" published by the Hartog School of Government, Tel-Aviv University.

o    Tamar Meisels, "Liberalism and Religion" (Comment on Jeff Spinner-Halev's : "Liberalism and Religion: Against Congruence), Theoretical Inquiries in Law, Vol. 9 (2), 2008.

o    Tamar Meisels, “Liberal Nationalism and Global Justice”, accepted July 2007 by Sen (LSE Journals), forthcoming in 2008.

o    Tamar Meisels, “Defining Terrorism, a Typology”, forthcoming in CRISPP, Vol. 12(3) September 2009.


Chapters in Books:

o    Tamar Meisels, “Territorial Resolutions in Divided Societies”, in: Forms of Justice, Daniel Bell and Avner De-Shalit Eds., Littlefield, ( 2002), pp. 183-203.

o    Tamar Meisles, "Territory and Terrorism" in Israel, Palestine and Terror Stephen Law (ed.) Forthcoming June 2008.

o    Tamar Meisels, "Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified?", in: Debating Terrorism and Counter Terrorism, (Stuart Gottlieb Ed.) Congressional Quarterly Press (2009).


Further Publications:

o    Tamar Meisels, “Book Review of Bernard Crick’s Essays on citizenship, London & New York: Continuum, 2000, 210 pp.” Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 8 (2) April 2002, 263.

o    Tamar Meisels, "Response to Brian Klug's ‘A Plea for Distinctions: Disentangling anti-Americanism from Anti-Semitism", forthcoming 2008, in THINK - a Royal Institute of Philosophy Journal, Published by Cambridge University Press.

o    Entry on "Terrorism" in the Encyclopedia of Political Theory, Mark Bevir (ed.) (Forthcoming 2010).


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